Taka Turmeric Joint Care 90 Vegan Capsules


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Taka Turmeric Organic Joint Care blend is a joint enhancing formula made from 6 certified organic ingredients. This supplement contains qualities ingredients like turmeric, white willow bark, moringa and plant-based vitamin D to help take care of your joints in multiple ways. These capsules could improve the quality of life for sufferers of joint irritation and enhance the range of motion of stiff joints by reducing pain and stiffness in the joints. Turmeric, the superstar ingredient in this blend is combined with black pepper extract to help with absorption and bioavailability. We have included a plant-based vitamin D in this blend which makes up 100% of your daily Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) per recommended dose. There are no added preservatives, colourants, or flavourants in our capsules and all ingredients are certified organic and vegan friendly, including the capsule shell.

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Highest quality turmeric
Contains natural amounts of curcumin and essential oils. Our turmeric capsules are sustainably sourced from the organic fields of Southern India.

?Activated by black pepper extract
Organic Black Pepper Extract is included to help increase curcumin absorption rates signifigantly

Natural Vitamin D
Each serving provides 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin D (210 IU) – derived from Organic Mushrooms.

Just pure ingredients
Our organic formula has no added fillers, binders, or flowing agents.

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Taka Turmeric Joint Care 90 Vegan Capsules