Sun Chlorella A 300 Tablet


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Sun Chlorella `A` is a high-quality and balanced nutritional food supplement rich in various nutrients. Sun Chlorella `A` contains nutrients such as essential amino acids, vitamins and chlorophyll that are known to be essential for a healthy body. Because Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) that is cultivated outdoors is used, this chlorella extract contains a larger amount of Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) than any other chlorella species.

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Ingredients : Pulverised Chlorella (95.5%) Sunflower lecithin (4.5%), Usage : Start with 5 tablets per day and build up gradually to the recommended serving of 15-40 tablets per day. May be taken all at once or in smaller amounts as desired.

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Sun Chlorella A 300 Tablet