Otosan Throat Sachets 14 Sachets


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Otosan Throat Gel Forte is a product for relieving symptoms associated with throat irritation. Thanks to its special gel formula, it forms a mucoadhesive film active in the pharyngeal and laryngeal tract, which protects the mucosa from the irritating action of external agents, providing long-lasting relief.

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Ingredients : The special gel formula of Otosan Throat Gel Forte combines the emollient properties of Iceland Moss extract and Hedge Mustard extract with the mucoadhesive properties of Arabinogalactans from Larch. Lemon (organically grown), White Thyme, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils give the product a refreshing, citrusy and balsamic aroma.

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Otosan Throat Sachets 14 Sachets