Orthomol Arthro Plus


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  • Arthroplus Arthrosis Joint

Orthomol Arthro Plus is a food supplement for the treatment of joint disorders. Take daily 1 sachet dissolved in 100 or 150 ml of water or juice, during or after a meal together with 1 capsule. It must be used under medical supervision. It is not a complete food. It is a food for special medical uses. Does not contain lactose or gluten. Contains easily assimilable carbohydrates. In case of glucose intolerance disorders, use with careful metabolic monitoring. It should not be used during pregnancy and lactation, or in children. If you take drugs that affect blood coagulation, coagulation parameters should be checked at frequent intervals, in particular at the beginning and at the end of treatment. Store preferably in a cool place and protected from light.

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Orthomol Arthro Plus