New Nordic Frutin Gastro Gel 60’s Tabs

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New Nordic New Nordic Frutin Gastro Gel sugar-free chewable tablets are naturally occurring and can be taken daily. They contain Pectin, a natural and micro-fruit fibre that creates a protective foam barrier that limits the contact between the acid content of the stomach and the sensitive walls of the esophagus. This foam forms on the surface, digestion is therefore carried out normally in the stomach. The effect is immediate.

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Ingredients: Natural dolomite1, sweetener: sorbitol, pectin (citrus fibres), dandelion root extract (Taraxacum officinalis L.)2, coating agent: magnesium stearate, natural flavour of peppermint, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; niacin (Nicotinamide) or Vitamin B3.

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New Nordic Frutin Gastro Gel 60's Tabs

£12.47£15.59 (-20%)

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