Higher Nature Ashwaganda & Rhodiola 30 Caps


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Unique blend of Ayurvedic favourites, ashwagandha and holy basil with the added benefits of rhodiola
400mg per capsule of KSM 66 ? Ashwagandha root extract for full-spectrum complex of active ingredients
Well-researched and extracted using ‘green chemistry’ – no solvents or alcohol
100mg Holy basil and 80mg Rhodiola rosea per capsule
With vitamin C and B5 to support the nervous system and psychological function
One-a-day vegan capsule for ease

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Ingredients : Ashwagandha Root Extract – KSM-66 (400mg) Rhodiola rosea root extract (3:1) (80mg) Holy basil extract (5:1) (100mg) Pantothenic acid (20mg) Vitamin C (50mg)

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Higher Nature Ashwaganda & Rhodiola 30 Caps