Natures Aid Comfrey Oil – 150ml


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Comfrey, a member of the borage family, is the common name for the herb Symphytum officinale. The name Symphytum comes from the Greek sympho, meaning ?to unite? while, Comfrey comes from the Latin confervia meaning ?to heal? or ?to boil together?. Many herbal texts also refer to the plant as ?knitbone?. Gardeners also often use Comfrey to produce a potent, foul smelling plant feed promoting healthy growth.

Comfrey has been cultivated since at least 400BC, with both the Greeks and the Romans using it widely. It was even used by Japanese herbalist?s over 2000 years ago.

The roots of the Comfrey plant contain both Allantoin and Rosmarinic Acid. At Natures Aid, our Comfrey Oil is made by gently infusing Comfrey Herb and Comfrey Root in a soothing natural oil, to produce an easy to apply natural rubbing oil.

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Ingredients : Sunflower Oil, Comfrey Root, Comfrey Leaf, Propyl Gallate, Chlorophyll.

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Natures Aid Comfrey Oil - 150ml