If you are one of those sensible people who take care about what you eat then MyNutricentre Health Foods is the place for you. MyNutricentre Health Foods is an independent online health food store. Here you can find all the healthy ingredients you can’t find in the bigger but less specialised food stores. MyNutricentre Health Foods take extra special care of all their customers. Our interest in complimentary health care is growing by day and the natural product and health food industry recognises more than ever the need for high standards of knowledge and service.

MyNutricentre Health Foods stock a great selection of health foods, special diet foods, and organic foods. We also stock herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, slimming and detox products, aromatherapy products, natural skin, hair and body products. To cater for the increasing interest in gyms and sports Nutrition for men and women such as USN, Nutrisport, Maxi Nutrition, Sci-MX, Reflex Nutrition, PH-D and many more.

The team at MyNutricentre Health Foods have extensive experience and expertise, and believe in continuous development and training. The new members of staff go through a thorough in-house training programme which aims to maintain the high level of customer service they already provide. The MyNutricentre Health Foods team is currently enrolled on training schemes with Bioforce/ A.Vogel, Vega and Quest & Solgar so that their ever increasing knowledge of products and supplementation can help their customers with almost any ailment.

We believe in a holistic approach when listening to customers’ needs and recommend not only vitamins, minerals, herbals but also food and nutrition. Trust is very important when dealing with Customers and a fruitful result of this is our customers become friends. The health food business is continually changing and we are dynamic as a company.

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