Clever nutrition specifically designed for women: A woman’s body is a complex, finely tuned machine. Each day it accomplishes many miraculous tasks and for the most part, is fairly self-sufficient. The regulation of hormones, maintenance of bone density, reproductive health, urinary tract health and immune function are just some of the areas of health that concern all women. An increasing number of women are taking proactive measures in an attempt to ward off or delay the effects that ageing and hormone imbalances can have on the body. Part of this self-care may involve choosing the correct nutritional supplements. Solgar® has formulated the most innovative supplements suitable for women at various stages of their lives. These nutrient formulations may support good health when combined with a health-promoting diet and lifestyle.

Ultimate Bone Support: Many nutrients are needed to support the formation and health of bones. As we age, we are generally more at risk of suffering loss of bone density or osteoporosis, particularly for women who are inactive, underweight, have a low calcium intake or are in (or past) the menopause. Ultimate Bone Support provides calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, manganese and vitamin K, all of which help to maintain normal, healthy bones. This formulation contains scientifically researched and highly absorbable vitamins. Vitamin D, in particular, contributes to normal bone health and development by promoting the absorption of calcium.

Skin, Nails and Hair Formula: Poor diet, stress and poor digestion can leave our skin, nails and hair tired and unhealthy. Skin, Nails and Hair Formula is a comprehensive blend of nutrients specifically combined to help build collagen and keratin, the major building blocks of skin, nails and hair. These nutrients include zinc and copper, which help maintain normal, healthy skin, nails (zinc) and hair pigmentation (copper). Vitamin C is another vital ingredient of Skin, Nails and Hair Formula, as it helps normal collagen formation for the healthy functioning of skin, bones and cartilage.

Did you know?

  • Magnesium, found in nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables is important for normal bone formation* and is considered to be as important as calcium
  • Women are eight times more likely to have cystitis than men as a result of having a shorter urethra
  • Irritable bowel syndrome affects twice as many women as men

Visit your local independent health food store for further guidance and information on foods, dietary supplements and natural therapies to support your health and wellbeing.

Multivitamins created for you: Women have different nutritional requirements from men and, as such, may prefer to choose a multi-nutrient formula designed specifically with them in mind. The menstrual cycle involves many hormonal changes and the monthly loss of blood results in extra requirements for the blood-building nutrients. Women in today’s world often lead hectic lifestyles, they are not able to eat as healthily as they would like and suffer from severe stress. The need for a healthy diet and active lifestyle is obvious, therefore supplements are becoming a more common addition to support our bodies. Female Multiple contains vitamin B12 and iron, which assist the normal manufacturing and formation of red blood cells, and folic acid, which helps normal overall blood formation. The calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D in this product help maintain normal healthy bones and are essential to the creation of good bone density, especially as age-related bone loss generally begins as early as 30 years of age. As we age, our nutritional needs change. VM-Prime® For Women provides key nutrients to support the health of the mature woman. This formula contains higher levels of bone-supporting nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, which aid normal bone health,than are customarily found in multiple nutrient formulations. Vitamin C and zinc, which help protect cells from oxidative stress (antioxidants), are also found in VM-Prime® For Women. These are important for the health of the brain and nerve cells. Soya isoflavones, also present in VM-Prime® For Women, are classed as phytoestrogens and help women to cope with the tell-tale signs associated with the menopause •

Botanical Female Complex: Botanical Female Complex combines traditional botanicals with plant extracts and wholefoods to support female hormonal health. For women who have chosen not to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), natural botanicals and phytonutrients may provide alternative support for hormone balance and symptom management. Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds known for their ability to balance oestrogen levels and include herbs such as hops and red clover, which help women cope with signs associated with menopause. Also in Botanical Female Complex there are botanicals such as turmeric, which helps to support normal liver function, and dandelion, which encourages detoxification and may help to reduce systemic inflammation •

Cran Flora Cranberry with L. Acidophilus plus Ester-C ®: Cran Flora provides a comprehensive blend of highly concentrated cranberry powder, L. acidophilus and Ester-C.® Vitamin C, in the form of Ester-C® which is gentle on the stomach, helps with the normal functioning of the immune system which may help prevent infections

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