Otosan Throat Spray 30ml


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Otosan Throat Spray Forte is a product specifically created to favour the wellbeing of the throat and provide speedy relief for:
irritation and burning of the oropharyngeal mucosa;
painful swallowing;
hoarseness accompanied by a dry cough;
dryness of the oropharynx caused by external irritants or environmental factors (sudden changes in humidity and temperature, passive smoking).

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Ingredients : The Otosan Throat Spray Forte formula, with a pleasant orange taste, is designed to favour the wellbeing of the pharyngeal and laryngeal tract. Otosan Throat Spray Forte combines the mucoadhesive properties of Carboxymethyl beta-glucan with the emollient properties of Hedge Mustard extract, the balsamic and citrus fruit properties of Organic Orange and White Thyme essential oils, and the refreshing properties of Anethole.

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Otosan Throat Spray 30ml