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Who?s it for?
Both short-term and chronic constipation sufferers.
Gentle enough for pregnant women, infants from 1 year+, and the elderly.
Effective for those suffering with IBS-C (those with a tendency towards constipation).

  • 10 sachets
  • 30 sachets

How does it work?
This probiotic strain produces short-chain fatty acids (SCFA?s) which lubricate the gut and power the smooth muscle in the gut wall lining, naturally stimulating peristalsis.
High in prebiotic (FOS) fibres which feed the natural gut bacteria. The fermentation of FOS results in large amounts of SCFA?s, such as butyric acid, which stimulate peristalsis (as above).
Stimulates the body?s natural digestive capabilities, does not lead to a ?lazy gut? like laxatives.

Active ingredients:
Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12?
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS 4g)

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10 sachets, 30 sachets

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Optibac Bifido & Fibre


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