Nutri Advanced Similase 90 Capsules


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8 different digestive enzymes and artichoke extract to support the breakdown of food, useful for everyday digestive support or for occasional over-indulgence


Each capsule typically contains

Enzyme Blend providing:

Protease 41000 HUT, Amylase 16000 USP, Cellulase 175 CU, Lipase 1050 LU, Phytase 0.85 PU, Lactase 800 LacU, Sucrase 150 INVU, Maltase 16050 DP, Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) extract 100mg.

Encapsulated with:

Magnesium stearate (vegetable), Silicon dioxide, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

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Nutri Advanced Similase 90 Capsules