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Urtica dioica, more commonly known as Stinging Nettle, Nettle, or Nettle Leaf is a plant that has been used for its healthy benefits for hundreds of years, dating back all the way to Ancient Greece.

The Stinging Nettle plant grows two to four feet high and has heart-shaped leaves, with yellow or pink flowers. The plant gets its name from the stinging burn that it gives when someone brushes up against it. Commonly used in traditional herbal practice, as well as in Nettle teas, the roots as well as the leaves, provide health benefits.

Nature?s Answer takes the Stinging Nettle Leaf and brings you a super concentrated 2,000 mg extract providing all the benefits of the Nettle Leaf. It supports prostrate health, and helps maintain the health of the urinary tract.* Important health benefits that herbalists have been taking advantage of for years.

As with all Nature?s Answer Organic extracts, this Nettle Leaf extract is carefully produced using the Nature?s Answer Cold Bio-Chelated? proprietary extraction process, yielding a Holistically Balanced? Nettle Leaf extract that is in the same synergistic ratio as the plant.

And you have the added assurance of Nature?s Answer?s Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology? that assures you of the quality of the botanical ingredients in Nature?s Answer Nettle Leaf Extract. By creating one of the most comprehensive collections of plant specimens in the world and identifying each plant?s distinctive botanical fingerprint, Nature?s Answer can compare and analyze the quality and purity of every incoming botanical used to formulate this Super Concentrated Nettle Leaf Extract, as well as all of the other high quality Nature?s Answer herbal supplements.

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Serving Size: 2 mL (Approx 56 Drops)
Servings per Container: 15
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Nettle Leaf Fluid Extract (1:1) 2000 mg *
*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, 12-15% certified organic alcohol.

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Nature’s Answer Nettle Leaf LA