HealthAid Vegan Omega 3-6-9 – 60’s Caps

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The benefits of the fatty acids found in omega 3-6-9 are now well understood. While our body has the ability to produce omega 9, critical for heart health, omega-3 and omega-6 are two types of fats considered ?essential? as they cannot be manufactured by the body; therefore they have to be provided by a good diet or supplementation. However, it can often prove difficult to achieve through our diet, adequate levels and forms of each kind of fatty acid. Omega-6 fatty acids tend to be over-supplied while omega-3 fatty acids are under supplied in modern Western Diet, especially in vegetarian diets.

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INGREDIENT : Flaxseed Oil, Vegetable Capsule Shell (corn starch, glycerol, carrageenan, sodium carbonate).

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HealthAid Vegan Omega 3-6-9 - 60's Caps

£10.39£12.99 (-20%)

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