HealthAid Guaramax 1000 (Guarana Extract 1000mg) Blister – 30’s Caps

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Guaramax 1000 Capsules contain Guarana, also known as the cola of Brazil, and used extensively by natives of the Amazonian Forest for its well-known natural energizing properties. Guaramax 1000 Capsules contain a highly concentrated Guarana seed extract supplement which provides a natural boost as well as the extra energy required by people who lead a demanding, active lifestyle.

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INGREDIENTS: Oil, Standardised Guarana Seed Extract, Gelatin,Glycerol, Vegetable Shortening, Purified Water, Yellow Beeswax, Lecithin(unbleached), Natural Colours: (Cochenille Red).

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HealthAid Guaramax 1000 (Guarana Extract 1000mg) Blister - 30's Caps

£10.39£12.99 (-20%)

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