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  • Equazen Liquid Citrus 200ml


    Once known as Equazen Eye Q. DHA, which can aid in maintaining typical brain function, is present in Equazen Children’s Liquid. created using the special EQUABALANCE ratio. This particular ratio of Omega-3 EPA and DHA to Omega-6 GLA offers a balanced and synergistic composition to meet each person’s body’s unique demands. Nearly every cell in your body, including the brain, depends on these important fatty acids. Only premium natural ingredients, sourced from sustainable fish fisheries, are utilised to make Equazen products.

  • Equazen Chews 60 Capsule


    EQUALEYE Q CHEWS The EPA to DHA ratio in Eye Q is higher than that of other well-known dietary supplements.
    Equazen uses a distinctive marine fish oil with a significant EPA to DHA ratio. This improves EPA performance and gives it a more active role in assisting in maintaining the eye and brain in a healthy working state.
    According to research, EPA has a greater impact on brain function than DHA.

  • Equazen Caps 180 Omega 3 & 6 180 Capsule


    As your child continues to push boundaries and try new things, growing up is difficult and demands a lot of brain work. Make sure they are receiving all the necessary nutrients. The UK National Diet & Nutrition Survey’s findings indicate that, in the past six years, our country has achieved very little progress in promoting fatty fish consumption among young people. Children only ingest 13?29 g of the 140 g per week advised by the British Government. These one-a-day, triple strength capsules are suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults, and while they won’t be able to completely replace a varied, balanced diet and an active lifestyle, they might at least be able to fill this nutritional gap.

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