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  • Equazen Chews 60 Capsule


    EQUALEYE Q CHEWS The EPA to DHA ratio in Eye Q is higher than that of other well-known dietary supplements.
    Equazen uses a distinctive marine fish oil with a significant EPA to DHA ratio. This improves EPA performance and gives it a more active role in assisting in maintaining the eye and brain in a healthy working state.
    According to research, EPA has a greater impact on brain function than DHA.

  • Equazen Caps 180 Omega 3 & 6 180 Capsule


    As your child continues to push boundaries and try new things, growing up is difficult and demands a lot of brain work. Make sure they are receiving all the necessary nutrients. The UK National Diet & Nutrition Survey’s findings indicate that, in the past six years, our country has achieved very little progress in promoting fatty fish consumption among young people. Children only ingest 13?29 g of the 140 g per week advised by the British Government. These one-a-day, triple strength capsules are suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults, and while they won’t be able to completely replace a varied, balanced diet and an active lifestyle, they might at least be able to fill this nutritional gap.

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